Best Support Player League Of Legends

Best Support Player League Of Legends

Best Support Player League Of Legends 2018

Are you wondering who the best support player is in League of Legends? Well, today, we are going to be looking at what people consider the worlds top 5 best support players. 

The support role in League has the responsibility of looking after the entire team. Initially, the support is the babysitter for the ADC — ensuring they’re healthy and keeping up with cs. 

As the match progresses, the support player is the entire teams primary source of utility. If the support has the chance to help other another teammate, then they should.

Ranking from bottom to top:

5. Olleh (Immortals)

Olleh has been a consistently top support player no matter what team he is playing for. Known for his Thresh, Morgana, and Nami picks, a nightmare for any opposing teams.

Olleh is strong at keeping vision control, warding objectives and helping assist other teammates. He is most known for playing in the team ‘Immortals’, although he has since left and joined ‘Team Liquid’. 

You can watch some gameplay footage of Olleh below: 

4. SwordArt (Flash Wolves)

Flash Wolves have been multi-time winners of LMS, and a big part of that is because of their support. SwordArt’s career started in 2012, although didn’t peak until season 3, when his team Gamania Bears finished first at S3 Taiwan Regional Finals and qualified for Season 3 World Finals.

SwordArt has been one of the main players in Flash Wolves for a long time now and never fails to disappoint his fans. With his thorough understanding of the game, outstanding decision-making and vision control, rightfully granting him a spot in 4th place.

You can watch some gameplay footage of SwordArt below: 

3. Meiko (Edward Gaming)

Meiko is considered one of the best support players in the world due to his extremely aggressive style of play. He is most known for playing engage supports such as Alistar.

Meiko clearly understands vision control and knows how to take advantage of any leads his team can have. His power in team-fights is outstanding, and whenever he is missing from lane, watch out – because his ganks are deadly.

You can watch some gameplay footage of Meiko below:

2. Wolf (SKT)

Wolf started his competitive career in 2012 when he joined NaJin Shield as their newest support. Wolf has grown in worldwide dominance over the past several years, and he’s arguably been one of the best supports in the world for some time.

You can watch some gameplay footage of Wolf below:

1.Gorilla (Longzhu Gaming)

Gorilla is considered the best support player in the world due to his versatile play styles. He can play anything, whether thats an engage support or a tanky one, he dominates. 

Gorilla is a a very intelligent and calculated player – he can set his team vision flawlessly and always appears to be in the right place at the right time.

You can watch some gameplay footage of Gorilla below:


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